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Donald K. Leedy, MD
Patricia G. Huse, MD
Joe M. Hannah, MD
Michelle A. Timmons, MD
Joshua T. Richey, MD


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Meet the Riviera Team

At Riviera Pediatrics, as a staff, we are fully committed to being part of your team. Everyone listed below is committed to the medical home concept, as we are on your side to provide your children the best possible care. If there is anything we can do to alleviate any concerns or assist you with anything, please do not hesitate to contact us at (317) 297-3507.

Office Team

Cheryl - Office Manager


Shari - Insurance Specialist

Kim - Collections Specialist


Lisa- Front Desk Specialist (West side)

Kay - Front Desk Specialist (West side)

Crystal - Front Desk Specialist (West side)



Mary Jane - Head Phone Room/Medical Records (West side)

Annamaria - Phone Room Specialist (West side)

Pamela  - Phone Room Specialist

Cecil - Phone Room Specialist (North side)


Nursing Team

Donita - Dr. Leedy

Nancy - Dr. Huse

Tammy - Dr. Hannah

Samantha - Dr. Hannah

Amy - Dr. Timmons

Amanda - Dr Timmons

Jamie - Dr. Richey